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The industrial and logistical condominium Icon Realty Cajamar I, was designed to be a reference in project quality, occupant well-being and respect for the environment. Due to the quality of the project and infrastructure, the project was fully leased even before the end of construction.

With 77,814.84m² of built area, distributed in 15 modules of warehouses, the construction of the high standard condominium used prefabricated materials, which reduces the waste of material and consequently the pollution of the installed area.

A benchmark in sustainability, the project, located at km 34.3 of the Anhanguera highway, in Cajamar, has 4,200 photovoltaic panels (Canadian Solar) forming a 1.2MW power generation system in parallel with the concessionaire and generators.

In addition, the condominium has an Effluent Treatment Station, a Reuse Water Treatment Station, as well as a 1 million liter water reservoir, sized to supply the condominium in periods of water scarcity and for actions that do not require drinking water such as gardening, toilets, among others.

Applications of the ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance concept, bring innovation to the segment, which guarantee the cost in the long term, whether in the quality of life of the occupants or in the maintenance of the property.

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