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New launch on a land of 1 million m²

New launch on a land of 1 million m²

 Located in one of the most valued regions in the state of São Paulo, Cajamar has become known as one of the main areas for the implementation of logistics and industrial condominiums in Brazil.

 Approved project has 251,735.00 m² of built area, distributed in 5 blocks, the condominium construction follows the same pattern as Icon Cajamar I, Triple A standard and ESG concept applications that bring innovation to the segment, which guarantee the cost in the long term, either in the quality of life of the occupants or in the maintenance of the property.

The city of Cajamar ended the year 2021, with more than 466 thousand m² in areas of construction activity, reinforcing the interest of the market in this region with quality projects.

Differentiated infrastructure

  • Warehouse 02 and 04 with crossdocking system;

  • Restaurant for 770 people at the same time;

  • Rainwater harvesting system for non-potable uses;

  • Two plants photovoltaic solar energy with a capacity of 3.0MVA each;

  • Three Wastewater Treatment Plants;

  • Electrical industrial substation High Voltage;

  • Unique gateway with 6 anti-intrusion systems;

  • Water supply by artesian well;

  • The warerhouse will have infrastructure with the eletric and water concessionaires;

  • Eletric internal public transport (minibus);

  • Charging stations for eletric cars;

  • Lounge with cafe and tables to support activities next to the restaurant;

  • Smartstore;

  • Outdoor rest área;

  • Internal system of eletric bicycles for the use of tenants;

  • External and internal lighting in LED lamps;

  • Cyclelanes.

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